Quotation price – Price list management software free for your business

Creating a quotation price is an essential part of any business. Price list management software free can be used in scenarios where you have different prices for different zones, for different stores, for different customers, for different currencies, etc. An Item can have multiple prices based on customer, currency, region, shipping cost, etc.

Price List Management Software free: Types of price list for

  • Product groups or specific products.
  • Customer groups or specific customers.
  • Locations and store groups.
  • Special events.
  • Quotation price can be configured to restrict what is available to sell at the POS.
  • Keep your master inventory list intact, but control what you sell at each location.
  • Schedule pricing in advance and have it take effect whenever you choose. There’s no need for you to alert your staff.

Creating and managing Quotation price lists

Time-based Price Lists

A store might use this option to mark down seasonal items they want to clear out of their inventory. Generate urgency with a limited time offer.

Customer-based Price Lists

Assign special pricing to customer groups in the hope of getting high-volume sales. A hardware store, for example, might offer lower prices to a contractor.

Location-based Price Lists

Adjust prices for a store or group of stores in a region. You can offset the higher cost of doing business in a metropolitan area, or you can lower prices to create a “grand opening” sale at a new location.

Time, customer, and location-based pricing can also be combined. Generate a special offer for a customer group at a specific location.

Sales Price

  • It’s very important to precisely determine the price that you will sell your products. Set up an automatic profit percentage that will be applied to all your products, and also define individual sale prices for products in particular. You can also choose whether you will allow price change during the checkout process.
  • Set either fixed or manually entered prices at a specific unit of measurement.
  • Set different prices for the items in different stores.
  • Support running multiple price lists for a product in parallel (Wholesale price, retail price, price of dose (Pharmacy), promotional price, branch price, best price, price by quantity, etc.)

Update Sales Pricing from Purchase Invoices

On the main Purchase screen, select the line items that have the pricing you want to update Sales price. This way, you can make sure that the latest Sales prices are populated in future transactions.

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Better Pricing Lists

  • Sivib POS Software allows control of all the prices centrally and pushes price lists to stores in the network. The stores that receive the list pricing can accept all changes or adjust prices to their local market (set a separate list price).
  • Control over products, pricing, and promotions across all stores.
  • Set different prices for the items in other stores to find the best pricing strategy.
  • Create business-wide promotions or assign pricing lists to specific locations.
  • Sivib POS Software helps you roll out various kinds of promotions and track their success at different store locations.

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